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Business Development through LinkedIn

The Power of LinkedIn – Marketing and Business Development for Free!

Business Development through LinkedInWhenever you hear about social networks, LinkedIn is usually not the first thing that comes to your mind or at least not as frequently as Facebook and Twitter do. The reason is pretty obvious as well. You don’t see things like the Grumpy Cat memes or celebrity gossip on LinkedIn. Its a much drier and serious place where careers are shaped and opportunities are explored.

But a lot of LinkedIn users, individuals and businesses alike, limit their LinkedIn usage to posting their profiles and sharing a few links. 

I used to do the same until I experienced the real power of this awesome platform!

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10 Most Effective Ways to Attract Instant Traffic to Your Website

  ways to generate blog trafficTraffic is the currency of the internet. It’s the blood that flows through a website’s veins and keeps it alive. In fact, there’s probably no point of having a website if it does not attract any traffic. So naturally every webmaster adopts various strategies to develop secure and reliable sources of traffic inflow to his website.

As a blogger & writer, I believe that its absolutely critical that you write the sort of content that can attract relevant traffic to your blog. That, of course, does not mean that you start writing for search engines instead of your readers. But you do need to strike a balance between the two. After all, without traffic, you are quite unlikely to get any potential clients through your blog.

I’ve seen a lot of posts on different blogs that have lists of various traffic generation techniques. But as a blogger, I would be more interested in knowing 6 or 7 methods that work for sure rather than 50 methods that have no guaranteed results.

So I thought it would be useful for everyone if I list down the top 10 methods that I found very effective in attracting traffic to my website and some of my clients.

I would love to know your thoughts about them.

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