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The Joys of Freelance Blogging – Back After My Vacations

2383022572_15a3352b80_oDid anyone miss me?

I know you must have been been wondering why I haven’t updated the blog for the last few weeks. 

Things have been moving at a rapid pace since I’ve taken up blogging and thankfully clients are coming in more frequently now.

I’ve got lots of news to share with you!

From cracking my first long term blogging deal to taking up an off-shore marketing consultancy role,  I’ve come to experience the true potential of blogging as a marketing tool.

But more on that later!

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Business Development through LinkedIn

The Power of LinkedIn – Marketing and Business Development for Free!

Business Development through LinkedInWhenever you hear about social networks, LinkedIn is usually not the first thing that comes to your mind or at least not as frequently as Facebook and Twitter do. The reason is pretty obvious as well. You don’t see things like the Grumpy Cat memes or celebrity gossip on LinkedIn. Its a much drier and serious place where careers are shaped and opportunities are explored.

But a lot of LinkedIn users, individuals and businesses alike, limit their LinkedIn usage to posting their profiles and sharing a few links. 

I used to do the same until I experienced the real power of this awesome platform!

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Learn How I Get Clients From Direct Emailing – 4 Critical Errors to Avoid

direct emailing for freelance writingI’ve mentioned in some of my earlier posts that I’ve found direct emailing to be the most effective way of getting new clients over the last 4-5 months. There are a number of good reasons for that as well and you can learn about them in detail in my post where I shared a few tested methods of getting freelance writing jobs.

Today, however, I plan to discuss something that I learned while handling a mass Email Marketing project back when I used to work as a Project Manager. My recent emailing activity relates very closely to that project and I owe a lot of my emailing success to the experiences I gained during that project.

One of the key success measures of any email campaign is usually the open rate that it manages to achieve. That is the first step towards driving any positive action through a campaign.

But this is usually the step where most amateur marketers fail as well. I’m sure you must have seen many marketers or freelance job hunters complain about the lack of response to their emails.

You might be one of them as well.

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content is king

Content is King but Why Are You a Slave? Charge Higher Rates in 5 Steps

content is kingBefore I took up blogging as a full time profession, I came across many writers and bloggers on different forums complaining how there were just too many freelancers bidding for the same projects and how this extreme competition had made freelance writing a much less lucrative earning option.

There was no reason not to believe this argument. A few basic searches about freelance writing on Google would give you a fair idea of how the majority of freelance writers are writing almost the same stuff over & over again. Every writing job on freelancing websites is loaded with hundreds of applicants offering the same services. This intense level of competition naturally forces people to offer their services at much lower rates than they would usually charge.

However, the more closely I followed the top writers and bloggers in different niches, the more I realized that the competition myth is not entirely true. In fact if you dig a little deeper you would find two absolutely different categories of freelance writers. It’s almost as if they operate in parallel dimensions.

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How I Got My First Freelance Writing Client and Why You Should Follow

finding-freelance-writing-clientsFor any freelance writer just starting his journey, the biggest question is where to find his first client. There seem to be so many websites and platforms where you can just go and apply for writing jobs. But there’s a common problem with these websites………You just don’t get any responses!

So when I first started looking for freelance writing gigs, I had a pretty frustrating time of it. There was literally no website that I hadn’t tried. But there was just no response! And even when there was a reply, it would usually be a polite rejection email.

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