Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Freelance Ghostwriting

ghostwriterJune was a pretty good month for WritingMyDesitny in many ways. I posted much more regularly on the blog than any other month and also managed to write more than a dozen guest posts on a number of leading blogs. The traffic numbers were better than any other month since I started blogging and I can see a small community building around this blog.

However, the last couple of weeks made June even more exciting for me, and they are the primary reason for writing this post as well. I’ve said this a number of times that I’m still not earning as much money from this blog as I would like to.

My Only Source of Income – Freelancing

As you can see, my primary monetization mode from this blog is freelancing. I do not intend to put Google Adsense or any other contextual ads here (at least for now), and affiliate marketing is still not my primary focus. So freelancing is still my only source of revenue generation from this blog.

However, in order to generate a sustainable income from freelance blogging or other writing services, you either need to have a regular inflow of new customers or you should have 2-3 loyal customers to work with you on a consistent basis.

As things stand now, I still have only 1 customer who I can safely categorize as loyal or returning. And that is where the bulk of my income is coming from.

June Was Exciting – Here’s Why!

Target_443919The reason why I’m talking about June with such excitement is the potential addition of a couple of long-term customers. I say potential because its still not finalized but I’m quite positive that it will work out well.

Both the new customers that I am talking about contacted me for freelance ghostwriting services.  After some initial negotiations I did sample projects from them amounting to around $700.

That is not big money, I know. But the potential that it carries excites me.

I’ve never been much of a fan of ghostwriting since I always find it hard to give someone else the credit for my hard work. But the sample projects I did for these two customers have changed my thoughts to some extent.

Ignoring the identity part for a moment, ghostwriting certainly does seem to have a number of benefits specially for a relatively new blogger and freelance writer like me.

1. Ghostwriting Helps You Explore

Before I did these ghostwriting projects, I had never written about infographics and online presentation tools. In fact, I had very little idea about them. But once I agreed to write a couple of articles for this ghostwriting client, I got the chance to explore this niche in detail.

I did several hours of research about infographics and how they can be designed using online tools. Similarly, I spent quite a few hours learning about online presentation tools.

And now that I’ve completed and submitted that project, I feel that it has added a lot of value to my writing career. It has given me solid knowledge of an area I had no clue about.

And all that against a very decent per hour rate!

2. Ghostwriting Helps You Experiment

As soon as my articles got posted, on an established blog in someone else’s name, I started tracking the comments they received. The response was pretty good, in fact better than I had expected.

Almost all the comments were positive and genuine. The feedback I got from my client was also quite encouraging.

This gave me a very good idea of what sort of content clients look for. It gave me a lot of confidence for the future and made me realize a few of my mistakes as well.

But here’s the best part; I was learning all of this without my reputation being put under any risk. It was published in some else’s name. So it was his reputation at stake not mine.

I got the lessons I wanted, and made notes of the improvement actions.

Not a bad deal when you’re getting paid to do all this.

3. Ghostwriting Helps You Find Clients

One of the guys, who outsourced these ghostwriting projects to me, is an established blogger and freelance writer himself. The content he wanted me to write was not for his own blog. It was for one of his major clients from whom he makes around $3000 every month.

One of the best things I got out of this ghostwriting project is enhanced client knowledge. I have a much better idea of who my clients actually are, the right industries to target and the potential big fish.

Corporate clients are certainly the way to go. That’s where the money is and that is where you can build a real blogging career. But even in the corporate sector, there are certain industries that are much more likely to offer you a long term blogging and freelance writing career than the others. Some of them, in my experience so far, are hosting companies, design studios, fashion labels and online business services.



Like I said in the beginning that I am not a huge fan of ghostwriting, simply because of the fact that you lose the rights to your work. But for someone in the early stages of his freelance writing career, ghostwriting can offer a lot of valuable lessons and opportunities that other forms of freelancing might not offer. You get to learn a lot on someone else’s expense in more than one way.

So while I would certainly not want to be ghostwriting throughout my career, I am going to market my freelance ghostwriting services a lot more aggressively  in the coming months simply because of the learning value such projects can offer.

Are you a freelance ghostwriter as well? Please do share your feedback on my thoughts about ghostwriting in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Freelance Ghostwriting

  1. Alex

    Hey Jawad,

    very inspiring to read indeed. Oddly enough, my last post on my blog was about infographics! I am still going trough the learning curve myself, trying to find what is the best content to share and things like that.

    Nice to know that you have found some success. Peace!

    1. Jawad Khan Post author

      Hi Alex,

      You’ve got a pretty impressive blog.

      I’m sure major success is not far away from you, if you haven’t found it yet.

      Keep going.


  2. James

    Good to see you are making money from Freelancing.

    If you are interested in some extra work I might be able to help.

    Don’t ever go for Adsense, it will diminish the credibility of your blog.

    Good luck 🙂


    1. Jawad Khan Post author

      Hey James,

      Yea you’re right, I’m not a big fan of Adsense anyway.

      As I said in my post, my primary monetization mode is freelancing.



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