Here’s How Freelance Writers Can Become Marketing Consultants

As I said in previous post, I’ve got lots of news for you.

It has been a little over than 6 months since I started this blog. The motives behind it, as mentioned on my About page, were quite simple.

a – I wanted WritingMyDestiny to be a helping hand for other people like me, who know they have the skills to make a full-time living online but just can’t take the first few steps.

b – I planned to use this blog as the primary lead generation source for my freelance writing business.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve not been able to fulfil the first objective as comprehensively as I would have liked to. And I’ll certainly need to build more focus on this side.

However, the second objective, lead generation through blogging, has surpassed all my expectations.

I never thought having a simple writing blog could be so rewarding.

Guest Blogging – The Most Effective Marketing Tool I Underestimated

One of my best friends online, Bamidele OniBalusi of, is a huge advocate of guest blogging and discusses the benefits of guest blogging in almost all his posts.

However, I started focussing on guest posting only a couple of months ago.

I wrote a total of 7 guest posts on different blogs in the MMO (Make Money Online) and B2B marketing niche. All of them got very positive responses from the blog owners and their audiences. However, I got no immediate clients as a result of this exercise.

But half way through August, I was approached by a mobile app development company from the Middle-East who came across one of those guest posts and for some reason wanted to hire me as a copywriter for their up coming mobile app landing page.

Copywriting – Uncharted Territory

My primary focus since I’ve started freelancing has been blogging. So landing a copywriting client was a major surprise.

However, keeping the thin condition of my finances in mind, I took the gamble and agreed to work with this client.

I had 2-3 Skype calls with the project manager who described his product in detail and shared his vision of the content with me.

But what I eventually ended up designing for them, surprised both me and the client.

It was pretty good!

Clients Want Solutions!


With the copywriting part done, the client asked me if I would be willing to coordinate with their graphic designer as well and give my input in the design of the page.

Why would I refuse?

Not only did I coordinate with the designer, we ended up developing a truly awesome landing page that the client absolutely loved.

I suddenly had myself a very very satisfied client

Proactivity – The Secret to Success

The client loved my landing page copy.

I could taste blood!

Having already understood the product quite well, I sent an email to the client and proposed my services for a complete content marketing strategy that included website copy, blogging, guest blogging and a marketing presentation.

After a few email exchanges, I was awarded the marketing presentation and blogging projects in the first phase.

All of it at a decent hourly rate of around $50/hr plus a long term blogging job.

The whole project amounted to well over anything I had previously achieved in my 8 month freelancing career.

You’re Supposed to be an Expert – Tell the Client What He Needs


In most cases clients do not really know what they need. They come to you with their problems along with a few buzzwords that they’ve heard online.

But they’re not the experts, you are!

Be proactive in telling them what they really need. If required, don’t be shy in proposing additional tasks or activities.

In my case, I used the initial confidence I got from the landing page copy to suggest a more comprehensive content solution for the client.

I was playing the expert role over there. The client was looking towards me for solutions.

As a result, I secured a long term blogging job, which is going to be very beneficial for the client, along with a a major marketing presentation that filled my pockets for the month.

Updates on the Ghostwriting Clients

On the other hand, if you’ve read my post Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Freelance Ghostwriting, you’ll know that I was in discussion with a couple of clients who were interested in my services as a ghostwriter. I also mentioned that I earned around $700 from the two of them doing sample projects.

Guess what, things worked out perfectly with one of them and I got around $2000 of work for the month of August from this single client.

I wrote 12 articles of 1000+ words on topics related to webdesign, infographics, online presentation tools and HTML5 webdesign tools.

Not only was this an extremely enjoyable project for me because I had prior experience of this niche, but also because the per hour rate, $100+, was one of the highest I’ve got since I started freelancing.

As a blogger, I intend to be as open and transparent about my progress as possible. I won’t depress you with figures amounting to millions.

I am still quite new and feel that I need to learn a lot more.

The reason why I am sharing all these details is to make you believe that blogging, active marketing and a little more confidence can do wonders for you even if you’re new on the blogging scene.

I only have around 20 posts on my blog. And I have not done more than a dozen guest posts all my career. But even then I’ve been able to attract clients who have paid more than I expected them to.

I’ll be very open about it, under normal circumstances anything beyond $1500/month puts me in a comfortable position since I am still a bachelor and I don’t have any additional expenses other than myself.


My belief is stronger than ever before that you make clients come to you much faster if you market yourself intelligently.

Take these 3 action points from this post and get to work:

1) Start a blog immediately (If you already have one, take it seriously)

2) Start targeted marketing (start guest blogging to be more specific)

3) Never forget that you are the expert and you should be the one suggesting solutions.

I look forward to your thoughts in your comments.

5 thoughts on “Here’s How Freelance Writers Can Become Marketing Consultants

  1. Daryl

    Great advice Jawad!

    For most people, the idea that within 6 months you could be easily earning $100 per hour from writing is incredible.

    But I’m glad that you’re putting up facts and figures to show that not only is it possible, but with the right planning and approach it should almost be expected!

    Congrats on your success, and hope that it continues!


  2. Anna

    Thanks for this post. I’m just getting started myself and your advice is right up my alley. Definitely taking your experience to heart!


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