5 Things To Do Right After Your Guest Post Gets Published

I’ve written in detail about the strategic importance and the benefits of guest blogging, and how certain actions, before your guest post gets published, can help you extract much more out of it. So if you’ve missed my earlier posts, I would recommend you to go through them as well.

This post, however, is about saving all your hard work from going down the drain.

The toughest part in guest blogging is identifying the right blogs and creating content that actually delivers value to the readers and persuades them to explore your website in detail.

Most bloggers consider this as the end of the guest blogging cycle. In certain cases, they’re not wrong either.

However, if you leave your guest post at this point, you might miss out on a number of short-term and long-term benefits of guest blogging.

These final touches can be the difference between a mediocre guest post and a potentially unstoppable series of impactful guest blogging campaigns that can take your blog and, as a result, your business to much greater heights.

So here are 5 things that you should do immediately after your guest post goes online.

1. Respond Actively to Comments

Many bloggers simply disappear from the scene once their guest post goes live. This, in my opinion, is plain wrong.

There are three reasons why actively responding to reader comments on your guest post is extremely important.

a) Loyal readers are the real assets of any blog. So every editor expects you to respect their readers and listen to what they’re saying. Once you’ve put your points across in your post, it’s your responsibility to answer the queries of those who have taken the time to read your post. You can’t leave them unattended.

b) More importantly, however, reader comments can give you a fair idea of how successful your guest post actually is. You can use these comments to identify the real problems of the readers and develop future guest post proposals based on this feedback.

c) Every blog has its own set of loyal readers. So when your post gets comments from any of them, it’s a chance for you to make new connections and expand your reach in the blogosphere. Never underestimate the power of networking.

Genuine responses to reader comments can earn you a lot of respect and admirers, and can potentially open doors to new guest blogging opportunities.

2. Promote Your Guest Post Aggressively


The number of hits, social shares and comments that your post receives, has a direct impact on its probability of success.

Don’t just assume that the loyal community of the host blog will promote the post for you.

Editors love the guest bloggers who go an extra mile in promoting their content online.

A couple of months ago, I did a guest post on that received more social shares and comments than their usual posts.

A major reason for that, apart from the blog’s own community, was my active promotion of the post through all my social media profiles.

As a result, not only did their social media team promote my guest post for many weeks to come, they also very actively promoted the guest posts I did for other blogs.

Here are some of the ways you can promote your guest post.

a) Share it with your email list subscribers. Don’t worry about sending visitors to an external website. It’s your own post, and will only strengthen your reputation with your readers.

b) Schedule social media posts in different across all time zones for a few days to come. You can do that by using Buffer.

c) Submit your post to Twitter tribes like Such websites can get you hundreds of free/cheap Retweets in no time.

d) Share your post with different Google+ communities and Facebook groups.

e) Connect with Twitter power users in your niche and let them know about your guest post. It builds your reputation and might get you a few Retweets as well.

f) Make sure you let the host blog know how aggressively you’re promoting your post. You can do that by including them in every promotional activity.

3. Get in Touch With the Editor

A few hours after your post goes live, send an email to the editor thanking him for giving you the opportunity to connect with his audience.

Let him know that you’ll be active in the comments and will be aggressively promoting the post as well.

After the initial momentum of the first few days, new posts will obviously be added to your host blog and the reader engagement with your post will go down.

That’s the time to approach the editor with another email.

This time, however, send him a list of points extracted from the comments that your post received.

Identify a few post ideas for the editor based on those extractions and let him know that you’ll be happy to contribute future posts on any of these ideas.

At the same time, let him know that you’ll be fine if the editor chooses to give the post idea to any of his in-house writers.

This would not only strengthen your link with the editor, but also improve your reputation as a thinking blogger.

Editors of most established blogs are pretty well linked and your connection with one of them can lead to many other opportunities.

4. Write a Powerful Follow Up Post on Your Blog

One of the best ways of driving additional traffic, from your guest post to your own website, is by writing a powerful follow up post on the same topic on your own blog.

In this post, try to expand on the points that you discussed in your guest post. Be more elaborate and share additional knowledge that could help the readers understand the topic even further.

Once you’re done with the post, shoot an email to editor with the link to this post and ask him if he would like to add a backlink at the end of your guest post.

In most cases, if the post adds real value, very few editors would deny.

5. Add the Guest Post to Your Blog

Guest posts are votes of confidence for your content from other established websites. Use them to promote the credibility of your blog/business.

You can do that in a number of ways,

a) Add a “Guest Posts” page on your blog and list the links to all your latest guest posts on it.

b) Use references to your guest posts within your blog content.

c) Use the logos of the blogs where your guest posts have been published and promote them through your blog’s sidebar.


The last steps in your guest blogging campaign are as important as the first ones. If you use the exposure of your guest post intelligently, it can help you achieve much greater things than your initial objectives with guest blogging.

So, is there anything I missed? I would love to hear your perspective on this topic. 

13 thoughts on “5 Things To Do Right After Your Guest Post Gets Published

  1. Peter Kanayo

    jJawad, impeccable post on the steps to take to build and maintain newly created relationship with a blogger you wrote a guest post for. Just got to your blog through Justretweet and Most say am quite pleased with the post.

    Apart from sharing content on Justretweet, I also recommend use of Bizsugar and Reditt. This social bookmarking sites can bring you huge traffic if the guest post written is a splendid one.

    There is another social bookmarking site owned by Jane Sheeba, it is

    By promoting the guest post you will be building a formidable relationship with the blogger.

    1. Jawad Khan Post author

      Hey Peter,

      You’re absolutely right. Reddit, bizsugar etc are very useful as well.

      In fact, there’s a whole bunch of websites that can be added to the list.

      I’ve personally found very quick results from

      Keep visiting : )

  2. Joshua Ballard

    Thanks for your article 🙂 If you are curious by the way, I found it with the search string “if a guest post has comments should i reply”, then good old Google lead me to your page.

    Helping answer my initial question, and then giving me 4 other solid moves to take next!

    I just had my first major outlet guest post published, so its been great to have your wise words to reflect on 🙂

  3. Soumya Roy

    All points are brilliant but I think many of us miss the point 4 and forget to add a followup post on our blog right after the guest post gets published. We offer a guest posting course under our digital marketing and SEO course content, and we are going to add this part so that our trainees know how this can be effective for blogging, branding as well as business development. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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