6 Reasons Why You’ll Always Struggle to Find Blogging Ideas (And What To Do About It)

“I’ve been staring at the computer screen for the last two hours and can’t think of anything to write.

And this is not the first time either.

There’s a feeling of helplessness every time I sit down to write a blog post. I just can’t come up with any ideas!”

If this sounds familiar, chances are that you have either encountered other bloggers troubled by the lack of blogging ideas, or you’re going through it yourself.

Posting regularly is one of the basic requirements for anyone who wants to make a living from his blog.

But it’s also one of the hardest. 

You can’t write regularly just for the sake of it. You also need to keep a close eye on the value your posts are adding.

The hardest part, though, is seeing other bloggers churn out interesting posts every second day while you’re struggling to come up with even one.

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Freelance Blogging Jobs: My Time-Tested Strategy For Finding the Right Clients

You’re looking for high-paying freelance blogging jobs, right?

You need to read this post carefully because not long ago, I was in a similar situation.

Here’s the thing.

Content marketing is one of the fastest growing online industries at the moment. Not only has it effectively replaced SEO as the primary form of online marketing, but it has also forced major shifts in the branding, marketing and client acquisition strategies of most businesses.

All of this is very positive news for you, if you’re a freelance blogger.

Your demand is on a steep rise right now and, by the look of things, it is only going to increase as more businesses realize the value of your services.

But I’m sure you’ve heard all this before from many other bloggers as well. I’m also sure that every time you read such statements, you immediately wonder what all the hype is about.

In your world, the content marketing boom doesn’t seem to be making any waves.

Because it’s still the same old story for you – lots of unanswered job applications along with a few low paying gigs.

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5 Things To Do Right After Your Guest Post Gets Published

I’ve written in detail about the strategic importance and the benefits of guest blogging, and how certain actions, before your guest post gets published, can help you extract much more out of it. So if you’ve missed my earlier posts, I would recommend you to go through them as well.

This post, however, is about saving all your hard work from going down the drain.

The toughest part in guest blogging is identifying the right blogs and creating content that actually delivers value to the readers and persuades them to explore your website in detail.

Most bloggers consider this as the end of the guest blogging cycle. In certain cases, they’re not wrong either.

However, if you leave your guest post at this point, you might miss out on a number of short-term and long-term benefits of guest blogging.

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Guest Blogging on Popular Blogs: 11 Powerful Tips for Getting Published

Over the last few months, I’ve been published as a guest author on some of the most popular online marketing, blogging and freelancing blogs, including niche leaders like Problogger and Hongkiat.

Naturally, most of my guest posts on these high traffic blogs resulted in additional visitors. Some of them even converted into paying clients for my freelance writing services.

Apart from the qualified traffic that guest posts on popular blogs send your way, they help in building the credibility of your services and also give you high value backlinks.

However, getting published on the top blogs in your niche is not as simple as some of the other less known blogs.

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5 Things To Do Before You Start Guest Blogging

In some of my previous posts, I discussed the basic concept of guest blogging and some of the major benefits that entrepreneurs and small businesses can get out of it.

However, like any other marketing activity, guest blogging cannot be done in isolation and needs to be connected with certain pre and post activities in order to make it really work.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few things that, I believe, every website should do before launching a guest blogging campaign.

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